Douro Experience

Magusto Experience in Douro with Lunch

Magusto in the Douro with lunch at Quinta da Avessada

Start date 25th October to 30th November.

What is Magusto?

Magusto is celebrated on St. Martin’s Day and is  celebrated  all over  Europe , but the  celebrations  vary from country to country.

In Portugal it is a tradition to make a large  magusto , drink water-pé (new wine) and jeropiga (traditional alcoholic beverage). This is also a time to taste the  new wine . As the popular saying goes, “ on St. Martin’s day, go to the winery and taste the wine ”.


We selected for this celebration a Traditional Quinta, Quinta da Avessada, which proposes a delicious program for a relaxed afternoon with a prepared, kind and pleasant staff:

12:00  – Reception. We start the day with a visit to the Jardins da Enoteca, tasting a Muscat of Honor;

12:30 –  Traditional Duriense Lunch at Quinta da Avessada Meal made in iron pots and in the good manner of the old customs and traditions of the art of well cooking, always accompanied by history


Cod fritters; Assorted sausages; 
Favaios wheat (specialty);


Farmer’s soup with beans and vegetables;

Main course:

Pork of veal stewed in red wine, with roasted potatoes and boiled cabbage;


Regional Sweets and Seasonal Fruit; 
Coffee and brandy as a digestive; 
Drinks (water and red or white DOC wine) are included  .<p value=”

15:00  – Guided visit to the Enoteca space, where participants will get to know the entire traditional process of Port Wine and Muscat winemaking.

15:30  – Chestnuts will be given to the participants so that they can put them on the embers, thus participating in this magusto experience. Another wine will be served to accompany the chestnuts (usually the traditional Jeropiga);

“Our dedication and professionalism in a unique and unforgettable experience!”

Value – EUR 36.00 per adult

Children from 0 to 4 years old – FREE

From 4 to 12 years old – pay half


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