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Quinta do Bomfim Winery Pinhão Visit and Tasting

Quinta do Bomfim with visit and Picnic

At Quinta do Bomfim, visitors will be able to get in touch with the entire operation of a farm dedicated to the production of Port wine and learn about the fascinating history of one of the great classic wines in the world. On this farm, only Dow’s Port wine is produced.

This Quinta is just 300 meters from the beautiful Pinhão Train Station , being perfectly suited to people coming by Train. It is also not far from the pier from where the Rabelo boat tours depart , which we also have agreement and values ​​here .

Visitors begin the tour circuit in an old winery, now transformed into a small museum, which shows the interconnection that exists between the property’s history, the Symington family and the wine itself.

The visit ends in a large tasting room, where visitors can taste the Port and Douro DOC wines produced by the family.

Visit + Classic Tasting + Vineyard Tour at Quinta do Bomfim + Picnic

Price per person(from): €55

Picnic overlooking the Douro – must be booked 24 hours in advance and for a minimum of two people. It is delivered in a traditional picnic basket and can be enjoyed on the terrace of the main visitor centre, overlooking the Douro river.

2021 Picnic MENU

Bread bag 
Cold tomato soup Ox heart 
Vegetable salad Pickled 
pie Cured cheese Seasonal 
Lavender cheesecakes

Bottle of White Altano for every 2 people 
Dow’s 10 Years Old or LBV Port Glass

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