10 Best tours in Oporto Portugal

Best Tours in Porto Portugal

There are many more interesting things, and we mention these ten in order to present whoever comes here for the first time an initial direction for a good use.  Here we go:


The Clérigos architectural ensemble, classified as a National Monument since 1910, is due to its Church and its Tower, one of the main points of interest, and a must-visit for anyone visiting the city of Porto.

The Church and Tower are part of a building from the 18th century, of Baroque inspiration, which marked the urban configuration of the city, located on an uneven street, but ingeniously used by Nicolau Nasoni, who managed to create a landmark building. The Church and the Tower are joined by the Casa da Irmandade, which since 2014, after its musealization, has been open to the public.

In our walking tour or city tour we always include these and other historical places, we always want to customize this experience in order to make it beyond unforgettable and sustainable to the point of allowing you to learn how to explore the city by yourself, using the city’s efficient public transport: Funicular, tram, bus and subway.Walking Tour in Porto using public transport or city tour in Group.

2. CROSSING THE MAJESTIC LUIZ I BRIDGE and discovering before crossing the Cathedral of Porto, cradle of the city’s history.

The real name of the most inseparable bridge in Europe is (Luíz I) and not, as it is popularly called, D. Luíz I. A sentimental issue of the local people of the city of Porto seems to be at the origin of the name by which it is commonly known. Regardless of the name, it is an ex-libris of the city and has been included in the area classified as World Heritage by UNESCO since 1996. The work was awarded on  November 21, 1881  to the Société Willebreck company, from Brussels, of which Théophile Seyrig was administrator , disciple of Gustave Eiffel, and author of the project for the new bridge. More in our post here where I commonly call it the Eiffel Bridge:

Our “Eiffel Bridge” – Curiosities about the Luiz I Bridge – Porto Portugal

. RIBEIRA DO PORTO AND CAIS DE GAIA – Separated by our beautiful Douro River and joined by bridges, the two riverside areas have entertainment, restaurants and breathtaking views. This tour is always included in our Walking Tours .


Underground at Alfândega do Porto, Porto Legends – The Underground Experience is an audiovisual event that allows us to know in a super dynamic way the ten legends related to the history of the city of Porto, those that have passed from generation to generation and say so much about this people so special and about the history still so alive in our old, very noble and undefeated city of Porto. Super fun and dynamic, this show made the history of the people of Porto seem to me to be something of very rare and noble importance, I remember all the “legends” with great affection to this day, and the way they were presented, has remained forever in my memory. It is advisable to book in advance, I leave you the link for values ​​and reservation, payment can be made directly there.Porto Legends – the Legends of Porto

5. EXPERIENCE PORTO – A MUST SEE and an excellent price. The 6 Bridges Cruise (45 minutes) along with a guided tour of the Wine Cellar – 50 min (tasting included), it is advisable to book in advance to match the timetable, learn more about our EXPERIENCE PORTO tour . For those who can stay a little longer than 5 days, book a tour of the Alto Douro with a visit to a winery, there are a multitude of them, of various types and we are ready to help you choose the best travel option and the perfect experience for you.

6 . GET TO KNOW THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF FOZ DO DOURO , reach the Douro River with the Atlantic, enjoy the terraces along the river and the sea, see the different architecture, watch the fishermen, walk along the most beautiful shore of the city, if you’re with children, enjoy the playground at Homem do Leme Beach and stop for a Sangria at the bar next door :).

7. WALKING AROUND MATOSINHOS SUL and Praia, don’t miss having lunch at a seafood restaurant.

8. GETTING TO KNOW THE CRYSTAL PALACE GARDENS and maybe have a special picnic? we organize everything for you, so that you don’t worry about anything and make this moment more than special.

9. Go to CASA PORTUGUESA DO PASTEL DE BACALHAU and taste the delicious COD CAKEwith Serra da Estrela cheese and listen to music overlooking the Douro at Cais de Gaia.

10. Lose yourself a little (it’s part and it’s good) through the streets and ups and downs of the center of Porto, but don’t forget to walk down the vibrant STREET OF SANTA CATARINA in the center and, if you can, end the day with a sunset in the Jardim do Morro to fall in love with the city and come back as soon as possible.

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